Letter from Sam

Tommy Linthicum  was a “Gentle Man” in life. He was an Audio  professional, A perfectionist for GREAT Sound and a person that would go out of his way to help EVERYONE.

There are not many people that you cross paths with in life, who stand out more as a true friend, than Tommy Linthicum.

I remember Tommy coming to trade shows, and you could see him walking down the Isle towards you with a Smile and could not wait to say to you, “How’a doin”? . He was always concerned about others. even thru his days of illness, he was always asking about others that were in need.

Tommy and I had a long business relationship with Crown Amplifiers and his love for BIG POWER. He liked to do it right and he worked VERY hard all his life to perfect his craft.

All the knew him have blessed to have known, Tommy Linthicum. God Speed, My Good Friend.

Sam Helms

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